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Branches of Hbsweet

HBsweets brand, with more than 7 branches in Tehran and 4 branches in major cities of Iran, is the only dietary and sugar-free confectionery brand in Iran that offers its products in a boutique form.
During its 7 years of activity, HB has been able to bring a large group of loyal customers to the brand and meet their needs with a wide variety of products.
HB also offers its products in a pop-up format in many large commercial complexes in Iran. In the marketing department, HB products are available in many organic shops, coffee shops and shopping centers.

The HBsweets brand grants representation to interested and qualified individuals for the expansion of its branches.

HB Representation Benefits:

  • Reduction of advertising and marketing costs
  • Rapid business growth
  • Enhancement of property value
  • Acceleration of return on investment
  • Reduction of trial-and-error costs
  • Utilization of the well-known HB brand
  • Consultation and support
  • Access to sales systems

Administrative Process (Pre-Opening):

  • First step: Registering initial information on the website
  • Second step: Property and applicant evaluation
  • Third step: Completing the file (submission of documents by the applicant, review and inquiries by the company)
  • Fourth step: Signing a collaboration contract
  • Fifth step: Designing the property and implementing visual changes
  • Sixth step: Completing training and internship at the central HB branch
  • Seventh step: Opening the establishment

Operational Process (After Store Opening):

  • Eighth step: Support in marketing, training, equipment, and information technology areas
  • Ninth step: Regular inspections to evaluate the store's compliance with company standards and regulations
  • Tenth step: Monthly settlement with franchisee entities

If you are interested, please fill out the online representative application form, and our colleagues will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

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