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The HB brand, as the largest producer of dietary and sugar-free hand-made sweets in Iran, is proud to produce and present, through our expert staff, a variety of health conscious products in different lines in accordance to the needs of our target audience, and play a small role in defining "a healthy lifestyle" in today's society.

Brand story

The HB brand was founded by the Haji Baba sisters in 2015 under the name of "Habeh Barg e Asia". The initial idea of this brand was meant to fulfill the recent desires of more women and athletes to use sweets and delicious foods without fear of obesity or guilt. Due to their professional sports background, the founders of this group have always cared for a healthy lifestyle and their interest in healthy eating habits, created a loyal customers' base for their products in a short period of time through their invention of diet and sugar-free sweets.

The main goal of this group is to further the culture of nutrition and healthy life in society and in its future, to grant access to these health conscious products for the young generation by introducing other organic and echo-friendly products.


HB Managerial Board

Sahar Haji Baba

Chief financial officer

Bachelor of Economics, MBA

Diploma in bread from Cordon Bleu Culinary School

Ladan Haji Baba

Chief executive officer

Sports Mechanical Engineering MBA

Diploma in pastry from Cordon Bleu Culinary School

Zainab Haji Baba

Production Manager

pastry master chef at CTH academy _MBA

Diploma in gluten free pastry from Cordon Bleu Culinary School


HB, is active in the fields of; research, production, processing and packaging and distribution of organic and echo-friendly products and works to improve the quality of life and increase the level of health and vitality of Iranian families. Our group will strive to provide and supply organic products by relying on our creative and expertly trained employees, using advanced technologies and producing products in accordance with national and international quality standards in compliance with environmental laws.

What Is A "Health Conscious Product"?

For those who care about having a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to use health conscious products, that is why, choosing quality, organic and healthy products becomes one of their main concerns.

Why Should We Use Dietary Products?

One of the main causes of the current obesity and diabetes crisis, which has spread not only in our country, but all around the world, is having unhealthy eating habits. The currently globally advertised eating habits and lifestyle includes the use of fast foods and calorie-dense, fatty and unhealthy foods; as a result health of many people has been affected negatively. It is in such conditions, that the necessity of using dietary products becomes apparent.


What Are The Qualities of A Diet Sweet?

The main feature of diet sweets is that these products are low in calories. Diet sweets are actually for people who have diabetes or are on a slimming diet. For many reasons, people try to control the amount of sugar and fat in their body and avoid sweets.

The advantage of diet sweets is that instead of using sugar and ghee, natural ingredients are used. The sweeteners used in these types of products only create a sweet taste and are not absorbed by the body. Nowadays, the use of diet sweets has become more popular due to its beneficial properties, and the number of consumers of these products is increasing day by day.

Here in HBsweets we use Stevia sweetener, and sometimes honey, date or fig syrup as natural sweeteners in our products.

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